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                                                                                the Difference

                                                                                          Direct from

       RELAX MATE                                                                    #1 Massage Chair

       3D MASSAGE CHAIR                                                                    in KOREA

       Perfect Rest                           당신의 감각을 충족 시킬 단 하나의 안마의자

       Perfect Comfort
                                               “3D차원의 과학적인 안마로 보다 편안하고 보다 부드럽게”
       Perfect Massage                          54개의 에어백이 정확하게 아픈 부위를 안마합니다.

                                                          54 Air Bags
                                                          And Numerous

    Features:                                             Special Functions
    -Built in infrared heaters                            Deliver the
    -Heated Infrared                                      Perfect Comfort
      Massage Balls
    -4 Wheel Smart 3D Real
      Massage -Ball
    -54 Air Cells Function
    -Ergonomic “L” Frame
    -10 Auto Modes
    -5 Manual Modes
    -Scrub Massage Function
    -Full Body Air Massage
    -Adjustable Leg length
    -USB Slot and Speaker
    -Foot Massager
    -Two-Level Zero-Gravity


     한국 배송 가능합니다

     Health Mate
     Health Mate

     714-739-6610 | 323-401-0071                              L Track      Heating Massage  Leg Rubbing Massage  Adjustable Height
     6655 knott Ave. Buena Park, CA 90620
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